Postscript of 2013 Guanlan International Print Biennial

Issuing time:2013-05-20 10:38

Since the successful hosting of the 1st Guanlan International Print Biennial in 2007, the number of participants and submitted works has had a steady and rapid growth. The 4th Biennial has received 3965 prints from more than 80 countries and regions in 2013. Even though the standard of the works submitted is very high, only about 200 prints could be selected. Under an increasingly competitive and rigorous voting mechanism carried out by the jury members, unfortunately many admirable works are unable to be selected for the exhibition because of the inadequate votes. Because of the high level of the works viewed by the judges, the artist who win a prize or is selected for the final exhibition should feel proud and honored.

Just as the previous sessions, Guanlan Biennial continues to attach great importance and adhere to the high-grade contemporary spirit. During the past years,   domestic and foreign artists become gradually acquainted with its high values, and solicited contributions are focused on pursuit of the quality of artistic work instead of the quantity. Even so, the Biennial create a miracle in the quantity of the submitted prints, and it is the first time that there are more forein participants than Chinese participants, to be exact, much as three times, and works submitted by international artists have overtaken that of Chinese artists, which appropriately interprete the concept of internationalism.

A large number of excellent works swarm into Guanlan from all over the world; rapid change in international printmaking can be seen from them. Artists from the powers of economy and art such as Europe, USA, Japan, and Korea have continuously submitted considerable remarkable works. Although under the influence of the overall economic environment, Eastern Europe’s economy is still depressed, their achievements and insistence on print art are worthy of worldwide respect. The successively successful hosting of Krakow International Print Triennia has greatly promoted the exchanges of international print, enriched the diversity of Polish prints and made them occupy a great part in the world. Thanks to the periodic international print exhibition in Bulgaria, her printmakers fully exhibit their brilliance and enjoy great prestige on the international art arena.

However, the most notable works of the Biennial are from Thailand, India, South Africa, with the rapid rise of quality and quantity, and nowadays the works of young artists in these countries are incredibly amazing. Even works from Middle East countries such as Turkey and Iran have also sprung up and been outstanding. There are these countries just experience the pain of war and turmoil such as Bosnia, Kosovo, and Iraq, each piece of work from these countries is a precious and heart-warming gift.

History witnesses the amazing achievements of China’s economy in recent years, so does Chinese print art. Chinese participants are including the promising younger generation after the 1990s and grey-haired elder generation before the 1930s. On the thought of those who sincerely devote their youth to the print, and those who fill in the application form in humble stroke with their trembling hand, we realize the great expectation their place on the Biennial. We are deeply moved beyond words, and keep all these people in mind.

The Biennale has gained not only support and expectations from the artists all over the world, but also great care and meticulous guidance from the experts of all levels. Wu Changjiang, secretary-general and vice president of China Artists Association (CAA), Jiang Lu, director of printmaking Committee of CAA, curator Kang Jianfei, and Mr. Liu Libin repeatedly come to Guanlan to guide and ensure preparation work advance in an efficient and orderly way, let the Guanlan biennial lead the trend of print with high standard and high quality image, and promote the development of print art with the professional and normative exhibition. At the same time, hereby we express our heartfelt thanks to the artists of the thematic exhibition “Straight to the Point-Directness Research of Print Creation” for their full and sincere support.

Guanlan Original Printmaking Base has made some achievements after several years efforts, and Guanlan Print Art Museum is under vigorous construction with the great concern of leaders at all levels. As the most important and high-end permanent exhibition project, Guanlan International Print Biennial wins substantial support of all parties. More importantly, all the efforts and endeavor is worthwhile and meaningful with the infinite creativity and passion of artists around the world, and we are convinced that all dreams will come true.

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