2007 Guanlan International Print Biennial Preface

Issuing time:2007-05-20 16:52

Contemporary Chinese printmaking gives great emphasis on academic quality, artistry and technicality. Keeping pace with the international printmaking creation, Chinese printmakers can now exchange views with foreign artists on the world stage.

ChinaGuanlan International Printmaking Biennial is a supreme platform for international printmaking communication, co-organized by China Artists' Association, Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Bao'an District Government, Shenzhen. It is an international academic communication activity held by ChinaGuanlan Print Original Industry Base, which is themed by creation, individuality and technicality. In terms of the style of the works, we adopt an open and comprehensive attitude and emphasize the creation conditions of the artists and the inner language of the prints. It provides a crucial platform and window for mutual understanding between China and the rest of the world. The exhibition has caught the attention of both Chinese and foreign artists. It has received 1976 works produced by 1145 artists from 57 countries, including many well-known printmakers in the world.

From academic positioning to works collection, and from evaluation methods to jury constitution, the exhibition makes dual efforts to achieve globalization, standardization and scientific-orientation. This is a reflection of China's concept of mind liberation in modern art activities. At the same time, it reveals the characteristics of Shenzhen - the front edge of China's reform and opening up. The 223 exhibited works are selected under serious procedures. The 15 "Guanlan International Printmaking Award" winning works accurately show the evaluation standards of the Chinese and foreign judges. The evaluation process is an opportunity of artistic and cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign artists. It helps to enhance mutual understanding. The jury thinks highly of the quality of the selected works and the preparing work. They believe the exhibition represents world printmaking development.

We believe that the exhibition will bring you a warm breeze. You will enjoy the sincere artistic feelings and the superb printmaking techniques.

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