2009 Guanlan International Print Biennial Preface

Issuing time:2009-05-20 16:13

Guanlan International Print Biennial is a high-end platform for international printmaking exchange and display which is held by the Chinese Artists Association, Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Baoan District People' s Government of Shenzhen. It is also a permanent international academic communication activity held once every two years by China·Guanlan Original Printmaking Base. The first Guanlan International Print Biennial in 2007 was a great success. From 1976 works by 1145 artists of 57 countries, 223 works were selected for the Biennial. This reflected the internationalization and diverse orientation of the Biennial from many aspects, and it accelerated the process for Chinese printmaking to link up to the world.

The 2nd Guanlan International Print Biennial in 2009 received 2804 works from 70 countries by 1604 artists in total. After strict procedures of mark and vote by a printmaking authoritative jury committee that consisted of experts come from Korea, Japan, Belgium, Argentina and China, 253 works were selected from 587 short-listed works and 11 works won a “Guanlan International Print Prize”. This Biennial has become one of the most outstanding exhibitions with the largest amount of overseas works, participating artists and countries. The selected works embody the high standard of international printmaking with distinct themes, different styles, diversified skills, as well as excellent technologies. The jury have a strong lineup with first-class academic authorities. It is an artistic and cultural exchange and a great impact for both Chinese and foreign artists.

Concerning the spiritual aspect, it is communication which really matters in the arts. I am sure that, strolling in the sea of art, this exhibition will enable you to appreciate the superb skills and sincere emotions of both Chinese and foreign print artists and it will, at the same time, give you spiritual pleasure.

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