China·Guanlan International Print Biennial is co-sponsored by the Chinese Artists Association, Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and the People’s Government of Longhua District. Since its launch in 2007, the Guanlan International Print Biennial has received great support from artists. Up to 2019, it has been successfully held for seven consecutive times, with a total of 14,301 artists from 119 countries and regions actively participating, making it the largest, most authoritative, and most influential international print exhibition in China.
China · Guanlan International Print Biennia

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No.WorksNationalityArtistPrint Technique1Daughter of the moonChinaA GeIntaglio2Arek-From the Series PortraitsPolandAgnieszka SitkoSilkscreen3TailorⅡPolandAgnieszka CiesinskaIntaglio4The UniverseArg...
Contemporary Chinese printmaking gives great emphasis on academic quality, artistry and technicality. Keeping pace with the international printmaking creation, Chinese printmakers can now exchange ...
China·Guanlan Print Original Industry Base should be mentioned first while talking about China · Guanlan International Printmaking Biennial. In May 2006, Bao'an District People's Government, China ...
Printmaking is one of the paintings that have the most distinct characteristic of universality. The languages of printmaking in each country have certain common features. It differs from national p...
Arcane Message Ⅰ
Cleo Wilkinson  
Intaglio  49.2×49.6cm
Haruko Cho
Digital Print 100×80.2cm
Daily Is Found in the Traces
Hong Jung-Woo
Intaglio 39.3×59.3cm
Ignored Vehemence
Slawomir Cwiek
Stencil Print 99.1×69.3cm
Tomoya Uchida
Intaglio 89.2×60cm
Keisuke Yamamoto
Intaglio 59.2×39.6cm
Fashion Story
Gu Zhijun
Relief 101.5×78.5cm
Ding Hui
Relief 60×89cm
On the Edge of Town (by Day)
David Frazer
Intaglio 79.3×47cm
Night Landscape-20044
Kim Seung Yeon
Planography 100×72.2cm
Fang Limin
Relief 61×81cm
Parabole 2
Maurice Pasternak
Planography 85.2×60.1cm
Relic — Social Problem Ⅰ
Xu Baozhong
Intaglio 48cm×63.5cm
My Land and I
Luo Han
Intaglio 49.2×59.5cm
Un Fait S' Accomplissant Ⅴ
Ingrid Ledent
Relief 70×100cm
Honorary Works
No.WorksNationalityArtistPint Technique1Pindos 40PolandAdam CzechSynthetical Print2The WallPolandMarek GtowackiIntaglio3ConstructionArgentinaAlejandra Escribano-ArgaIntaglio4Woman Condition?Portuga...
Two years ago, the Frist Guanlan International Print Biennial in 2007 was a great success. From 1976,223 works by 1145 artists of 57 countries were selected for the Biennial. This reflected the int...
The “First China • Guanlan International Print Biennial", held in 2007, was a great success which aroused strong repercussions both at home and abroad as well as enabling Guanlan to become a hot fo...
Guanlan International Print Biennial is a high-end platform for international printmaking exchange and display which is held by the Chinese Artists Association, Shenzhen Federation of Literary and ...
The Secret
Guy Langevin
Intaglio 70×50cm
People and Stones
Peintner Elmar
Intaglio 49×61cm
Kang Ning
Relief 36×175cm
Lady with Ermine
Michael Goro
Mixed Media 81×61cm
Ivanco Talevski
Mixed Media 109×76cm
Silver Ripples Ⅲ
Wang Lixing, Xu Jia
Intaglio 60×100cm
Supreme Forever! - 2
Vladimir Zuev
Mixed Media 58x80cm
Fairy of the Salvage
Hiroaki Sano
Relief 60×80cm
Me-Now / Me-Future
Magdalena Duda-Patraszewska
Intaglio 70×100×2cm
In the Car
Modhir Ahmed
Relief 81.5×69cm
The Thing(A)
Tomasz Daniec
Intaglio 100×61cm
Honorary Works
Selected list of 2011Guanlan International Print BiennialNo.nationalityArtistworks1JapanSonoyama HarumiSigne-N2China HongkongLiao JingmeiDancing Shadow(5)3BritainCarl JohnsonEve4ThailandPhatyos Bud...
Chinese Printmaking enters a new era of diverse artistic ideas and thoughts in the twenty first century. Over the past ten years, print art sought development while adhering to its traditions, and...
The Guanlan International Print Biennial is one of the biggest art exhibitions of its kind, with a large number of participating artists representing many countries. It promotes exchanges among art...
Guanlan International Print Biennial is a regular international academic exchange project co-conducted by Chinese Artists Association, Shenzhen Federation of Literature and Art Circles, and People’...
Anti-Tankcanal 1918
Chris Van Der Veken
Intaglio 61.5×83.5cm
Tomasz Daniec
Intaglio 60×100cm
Discourse Between Body and Soul
Phatyos Buddhacharoen
Lithography 70×100cm
Sonoyama Harumi
Lithography 66.2×75.5cm
The Eternity of a Child's dream Is a Fleeting Moment Ⅵ
Frising Marc
Intaglio 66×86cm
Carl Johnson
Intaglio 30×45cm
Silent Days
Ji Shicheng
Relief 72×92cm
Aza Sheyn Meydl
Leslie A.Golomb
Mixed Media 55.9×76.2cm
Kaleidoscopic Complexity-16
Relief 90×90cm
Shicha Sea 2009.8.13
Wen Zhongyan
Screen Print 62×82cm
Dancing Shadow (Ⅴ)
Liao Jingmei
Relief 56×75cm
We're All Made of Stars 2
Jasarevic Taida
Intaglio 80×60cm
A Time to Mend
Margaret Ashman
Intaglio 62×57cm
From Nature-Mental Images of Mask No.001
Lee Seoung Ku
Intaglio 90×65cm
Happy Sailing
Iris Xilas Xanalatos
Screen Print 86×60cm
Honorary Works
No.NationalityArtistWorksPrint Technique1ChileCarmen ValbuenaEspiritu CelesteIntaglio2PolandBogdan MigaWyspy2Relief3PolandOlga Palka-SlaskaM-43Intaglio4CroatiaAna VivodaTraces 2Intaglio5AustriaThom...
It is my great honor to be invited as a curator by the organizing committee in the 4th Guanlan International Print Biennial. In order to avoid too much emphasis placed on the ontological attributes...
Guanlan International Print Biennial is a regular international exhibition and academic exchange project which is co-sponsored by the China Artists Association, the Shenzhen Federation of Literary ...
Since the successful hosting of the 1st Guanlan International Print Biennial in 2007, the number of participants and submitted works has had a steady and rapid growth. The 4th Biennial has received...
In the course of development of modern Chinese prints in the 20th century, the creation was mainly based on two factors of time and space. In the process and later on, printmakers have gradually be...
Piotr Skowron
Mixed Media 74×110cm
Eyes Right No.3
Li Jun
Relief 85×60cm
Grace Sippy
Silkscreen 78.7×106cm
Factory I
Malgorzata Szewc
Intaglio 70×100cm
The Elephant
Moreh Mordecai
Intaglio 49×64.5cm
Unfinished Conversation
Szymon Prandzioch
Intaglio 50×31cm
The Rhinoceros Who Looked at the Sky
Diane Victor
Intaglio 128×94cm
The Harvest
Rafael Rodziguez
Lithography 63.5×76cm
Teachers at Bauhaus
Ying Jinfei
Intaglio 25×100cm
Dreams Come True
Natalia Pawlus
Relief 106×75cm
Flying Tree
Michel Barzin
Intaglio 61×85cm
Good Luck in Adventures with Women Ⅲ
Zhang Hao
Intaglio 40×100cm
The Record of Living Area
Li Xiaoguang
Relief  60×40cm
Memorandum of Entomology Notes
Tang Manwen
Intaglio 88×63cm
Reno Megy Setiawan
Relief 70×90cm
Honorary Works
No.NationalityArtistWorksPrint Technique1ChinaZhang HuiWhisperings in the Summer 2Lithography2ChinaRu GuantongImpression of TiananmenMixed media3ChinaZhang TongyuanExistence is ThereRelief4ChinaXu ...
Guanlan International Print Biennial, collectively held by China Artists Association, Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Administrative Committee of Longhua New District and Shenzhen ...
After photography was invented, traditional artistic media, especially painting, faced challenges, which to some extent resulted in the transformation of painting. Initiallythe print was able to me...
Guanlan International Print Biennial has been successfully held five times in nine years, rated among all those international exhibitions held in China as one with the largest scale, the longest du...
From the starting to the end, the Biennial has experienced four quarters. The thing that reminds us of the change of the seasons usually is the distant contacts. In October and November when Guanla...
Olga Patka Slaska(Poland)
Sanctuary inside the soul
Praween Piangchoompv(Thailand)
Ulrich J.Wolff(Germany)
Days in Cloud and Mist - 1
Su Peiquan(Macau)
Ant Series 2
Zhang Lingrui(China)
Here and Now
Peter Ford(UK)
Intaglio & Relief
Can’t You See My Whole (1,2,3)
Li Yaping(China)
Night Fall
Art Werger(USA)
100 Faces-g
Tomiyuki Sakuta(Japan)
Reconstruction of Rebar and Cement
Yang Shaohua(China)
Northern Sky
Evan Summer(USA)
Honorary Works
Seasons come and seasons go, it’s been 10 years since the first Guanlan International Print Biennial was held. When the trees in Guanlan are amassing the power of life and sprouting in the sunshine...
Printmaking is a time-honored art, but not that ancient as Chinese ink painting, Italian fresco or Persian miniature. The foundation of the birth of printmaking lies in modernization, which relies ...
No.ArtistNationalityWorksPrint Technique1HYEJEONG, KWONSouth KoreaNever ending storyMix media2Ingrid LedentBelgiumIn a WhirlLithography3Jan PalethorpeAustralia33 Ways To Wrap ChristoMix media4Karen...
Guanlan International Print Biennial, collectively held by China Artists Association, Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Administrative Committee of Longhua New District and Shenzhen ...
Lost Space-Birds
Du Chao(China)
Screen print   78x57cm
Daily Form Series
Fang Jiongming(China)
Intaglio   120x120cm
Not Visible From This Latitude
Karen Oremus(United Arab Emirates)
Mix media   120x61cm
Cool Breeze in Summer 7
Li Fang(China)
Mix media   135x40cm
33 Ways To Wrap Christo
Jan Palethorpe(Australia)
Mix media   34x55cm
Sealed Memory-Late Autumn
Wu Lin(China)
Relief   90x120cm
Seeking Series-2,3,4
Xie Xiaodi(China)
Relief   160x65cm
Time on the Page
Xie Yingyun(China)
Relief   120x75cm
Never ending story
Mix media   108x78cm
Penetration - My houses
Intaglio   50x100cm
Red Enamel
You Yu(China)
Relief   120x92cm
Staring to Light
Zhang Hui(China)
Lithography   60x90cm
In a Whirl
Ingrid Ledent(Belgium)
Lithography   138x100cm
Selected list of 2007 Guanlan International Print Biennialno.Artistnationalityworksprint technique1Ewelina KolakowskaPoland0401201707012017Intaglio2Hiroya YasukochiJapanAfter that '18 -prisoner ⅦIn...
In the thirteen years of the flourishing development of the GuanlanInternational Print Biennial, artists from all over the world havewitnessed our growth, and we have accompanied their youthful yea...
Guanlan International Print Biennial is jointly hosted by the China Artists Association, Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the People’s Government of Longhua District, Shenzhen Ci...
This is the seventh China Guanlan International Print Biennial. The number of participating countries has increased from 57 more than a decade ago to this year’s 105; what’s more, the number of sub...
In May, with the season of flowers in bloom, the China Guanlan International Print Biennial will be unveiled in the China Printmaking Museum after the hard and well-organized preparation. My partic...
Red Bowl
Sandro Bracchitta(Italy)
Intaglio   174×49cm
Klangbangkaew Temple
Teerawoot Com-on(Thailand)
Relief   150×100cm
Narration of Urban Life No.10
Yu Ziliang(China)
Mixed media   120×100cm
Ewelina Kolakowska(Poland)
Intaglio   100×140cm
Master 02—2
Liu Jing(China)
Mixed media   120×90cm
Olga Zukowska(Poland)
Mixed media   173×99cm
The Moon
Yoshio Imamura(Japan)
Intaglio   94×62cm
Dance with the Crane
Zhu Shiwei(China)
Relief   126×86cm
The Way of Harvester No.4
Rattana Sudjarit(Thailand)
Intaglio   121×80cm
After that '18 -prisoner Ⅶ
Hiroya Yasukochi(Japan)
Intaglio   120×162cm
Midsummer Dream 1A
Wang Xiao(China)
Relief   70×90cm
Lang Lang(China)
Intaglio   60×80cm
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